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There are any number of reasons for an adverse result at trial — weak facts, legal complexity, suspected bias of jury members or superior arguments by opposing counsel. None of these are grounds for appeal. An appeal must demonstrate judicial or juror error, misconduct or other specific evidence of justice denied.

The Law Offices of Kermit D. Marsh has successfully represented business entities, municipalities, nonprofits and individuals in civil appeals. As an appellate lawyer, Kermit Marsh has argued for both petitioners and respondents on appeal and obtained notable reversals and remands in a wide range of cases, including a precedent-setting government torts case before the California Supreme Court.

Statistically speaking, the odds are against the petitioner. The cost of bringing an appeal is also a limiting factor. From more than twenty-five years of trial advocacy (plaintiff and defense) and appellate work, Mr. Marsh can analyze the court record to identify potential grounds for appeal and gauge the merits of going forward.

Some appeals are a matter of right, others require a petition to persuade the panel to accept the appeal. Once the higher court agrees to review the case, Kermit Marsh is “all in” and devotes the full resources of the firm and his demonstrated skills in preparing appellate briefs and presenting oral argument.

Experienced Fountain Valley and Los Angeles Appeals Attorneys

Labor And Employment · Business Litigation · Civil Torts

Kermit Marsh has litigated more than a hundred cases before the California Superior Courts and the U.S. District Courts of California. He uses those skills and insights in defending successful results and appealing adverse decisions before such panels as:

  • The California Supreme Court
  • The California Courts of Appeals (First, Second, Third and Fourth Districts)
  • The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
  • The Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
  • The California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board

Our firm has handled appeals in diverse areas of civil litigation, including contract disputes, real estate transactions, eminent domain (inverse condemnation), employment litigation, business torts and government torts.

A Groundbreaking Case

After losses at the trial level and the California Court of Appeals for the Fourth District, the City of Newport Beach and its police department changed counsel and turned to attorney Kermit Marsh to take over the city’s appeal. In Teter v. City of Newport Beach, Mr. Marsh successfully petitioned for review of the appellate decision and persuaded the California Supreme Court to both reverse the decision below and to overturn a prior published decision.

As a result of Mr. Marsh’s efforts, the California Supreme Court restored full immunity for law enforcement and the taxpayers for injuries to and by prisoners in local jail facilities, protecting taxpayers from millions of dollars in potential future claims. He was also successful in persuading the California Supreme Court to overturn the anti-law enforcement decision in Meyer v. City of Oakland, which had been used as precedent to ignore the unambiguous immunities provided for law enforcement and which improperly substituted the judgment of appellate justices for that of the legislature.

To preserve a favorable result in the trial court or to explore grounds for appeal and the cost-benefit factors to evaluate, contact the Law Offices of Kermit D. Marsh in Fountain Valley to arrange a consultation with our California civil appeals attorneys.