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Kermit D. Marsh is a shrewd
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Orange County Health Care Law Attorney

The health care industry is in transition. Many independent physicians are joining larger medical organizations as staff doctors. Some are changing clinics or shifting their practice to more lucrative specialties. Other doctors are leaving active practice for research, management or consulting positions. The upheaval has created a wave of litigation as professional practices disband or reorganize.

The Law Offices of Kermit D. Marsh represents medical professionals and medical groups of Orange County and Greater Los Angeles in the business side of health care law. From licensing board hearings to disputes between medical partners, we work to position clients for the most favorable outcome in these complex and industry-specific conflicts. After more than a decade of experience as a member of the Governing Board of Garden Grove Hospital and Medical Center, including three years as Chairman, and as the former defense liaison counsel in the California Judicial Council Coordinated Fertility Litigation, Kermit Marsh is uniquely qualified to represent medical institutions and professionals.

Representing California Medical Professionals In Business Disputes

In more than twenty-five years of practice in business law and litigation, attorney Kermit Marsh, our founder, has handled the front end and the aftermath of business transactions. Many of our clients are physicians, clinic administrators and medical groups who become embroiled in legal disputes relating to the medical business. Our goal is to take on these burdens and resolve conflicts efficiently so that clients can focus on the practice of medicine.

We can capably address:

  • Physician contracts with hospitals or surgery centers
  • Purchase or sale of a medical or dental practice
  • Disputes with partners over ownership or control
  • Disputes with lenders or investors
  • Contract disputes with vendors and suppliers
  • Dissolution of professional practices

Litigation over partnerships and medical groups can be nasty and protracted. Early legal intervention may or may not salvage a fractured business relationship, but it can prevent the conflict from escalating into a full-fledged legal battle. Our firm can negotiate buyouts, noncompete agreements, nonsolicitation agreements and other solutions that protect our clients and allow the parties to move on. If necessary, our attorneys are formidable trial lawyers with experience in Superior Court, federal court and appeals.

Fountain Valley and Southern California Professional License Defense Lawyers

Our firm also defends doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care practitioners in disciplinary proceedings before the California Medical Board, the California Board of Registered Nursing and the Board of Pharmacy. Our attorneys meet with clients and meticulously reviews the files to understand the history of the situation. We will then recommend a strategy for responding to the allegations and vigorously advocate for clients in hearings, administrative appeals and court appeals.

We have been successful in absolving clients of wrongdoing. In other cases we have enabled clients to correct past mistakes with a suspension or reprimand in lieu of being barred from the practice of medicine after helping clients demonstrate commitment to professional improvement and better practices.

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