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Kermit D. Marsh is a shrewd
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Orange County Breach Of Contract Lawyer

The philosophy that “contracts are made to be broken” is not a model for long-term success in business. Unfortunately, some business partners are more concerned with short-term gain. In many cases business agreements are so poorly written or loosely structured that a legal conflict is inevitable.

The Law Offices of Kermit D. Marsh represents business owners in resolving contract disputes, including full-fledged breach of contract litigation when other recourses are exhausted. We provide plaintiff and defense counsel to clients across Orange County, Greater Los Angeles and throughout California. We will vigorously assert our client’s interests and attempt to resolve the conflict in the most advantageous and cost-effective manner.

Fountain Valley and Southern California Contract Litigation Attorneys

Kermit Marsh is an accomplished trial lawyer who has handled the full spectrum from handshake deals to complex multimillion-dollar contracts. He represents entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, real estate developers and owners of closely held businesses. He is also retained by CEOs and in-house general counsel to protect the interests of corporate clients.

Our contract litigation practice has handled nearly every manner of contract dispute:

·       Long-term commercial contracts

·       Contracts with customers and clients

·       Business-to-business contracts with vendors and suppliers

·       Purchase or sale of a business

·       Commercial real estate transactions

·       Construction contracts

·       Commercial leases

·       Land leases

·       Technology contracts and licensing agreements

·       Partnership agreements

·       Employee agreements, including restrictive covenants

·       Tortious interference with a business contract

Rights And Remedies In Contract Litigation

In representing clients, we operate from the client’s goals. If it is important to salvage the business relationship, we will proceed with more subtle strategies. If the priority is to enforce the contract or collect damages, we can be more forceful.

In either case, our philosophy is early intervention to (a) de-escalate the conflict and work out a solution or (b) gauge the opposition and position our client for advantage in court. The Law Offices of Kermit D. Marsh will faithfully pursue the client’s objectives through appropriate remedies, from injunction or specific performance to bringing the other party into compliance to securing judgments and liens to recover damages.

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